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Rosita Bee Bread

100% Wild & Raw fresh bee bread from wild giant rock bees (Apis dorsata)

Nutritionally-rich superfood produced by wild honey bees

Freshly and sustainably collected by tribal honey hunters

Naturally-fermented, enzymatically-activated food

Unique wild and raw product

What Makes Rosita Bee Bread So Special?

Bee bread is an extremely nourishing fermented, enzymatically activated food made by the bees from plant pollen, nectar, and bee saliva. Regurgitated nectar and the bees’ salivary secretions inoculate the pollen with a wide range of lactic acid bacteria and yeasts that ferment and transform the bee pollen into bee bread, a treasure trove of bioactive peptides, essential amino acids, carbohydrates, fatty acids, organic acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics, and phytochemicals.

Bee bread has also traditionally been known as ‘Ambrosia’ (food of the Gods), ‘Perga’, and the ‘Fountain of Youth’. Since ancient times bee bread has been used by a variety of cultures for its nutritional and therapeutic properties. And scientific research suggests that bee bread exhibits antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, and hepatoprotective properties.

Bee Bread is an “alchemical” bee creation. Foraging bees visit a variety of flowers and in the process collect pollen grains. The bees mix the pollen with saliva and regurgitated nectar from their honey stomachs which are rich in lactic acid bacteria (LAB) including lactobacillus species. This sticky pollen pellet which is rich in LAB is then attached to their hind legs for transport to the hive. In the beehive, the pollen pellets are packed into honeycomb cells and covered with honey.

Over a period of time, the bee bread undergoes a lactic acid fermentation which is similar to the process involved in the formation of yoghurt (and other fermented milk products) and renders the pollen more digestible. The microbial species involved in this fermentation process also have the ability to produce enzymes, vitamins, antibacterial substances, and organic acids.

The fermented bee pollen is now called “bee bread” and has a broad range of natural probiotic bacteria and enzymes. Proteins are degraded to peptides and amino acids, starches are metabolized into simple sugars, and vitamins become more bioavailable.

Bee bread is therefore characterized by a higher nutritional value than fresh pollen and is more biologically active and easily digestible due to the high content of easily digestible sugars, fats, minerals, and free amino acids. And as a result of the fermentation process, bee bread has an exceptional shelf life compared with dried or frozen pollen in which nutritional values are rapidly lost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Rosita Bee Bread harvested and extracted? - Rosita wild bee bread is produced by the largest and most aggressive bee species known, Apis dorsata, which are typically more than twice as long as their European cousins. This species exists only in the wild and cannot be kept inside man-made hives. Apis dorsata colonies build very large nests in the open air (high on cliffs or in high trees) consisting of a big, single comb which can be up to two meters in length. The comb is permanently covered by a curtain of up to 100,000 worker bees, several layers thick, forming a protective barrier.

What are the potential health benefits of Bee Bread? – Due to its nutrient rich profile, bee bread may act as an antioxidant, antimicrobial (antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral) and anti-inflammatory. Moreover, bee bread may help to improve intestinal flora, support the digestive and immune system, act as a detoxifying agent, support liver and prostate health, support urinary health, alleviate allergies such as hay fever, support fertility and libido, support triglyceride and cholesterol levels within the normal range, support cardiovascular health, improve concentration and memory, support nervous and endocrine system functions, reduce fatigue and fight exhaustion. It has also been suggested to have antiaging effects and is associated with increased longevity. Interestingly, supplementation of livestock and poultry diets with bee pollen has been shown to enhance growth performance, immunity responses and carcass quality, and has been considered an excellent substitute for antibiotics.

What are the testing measures for Rosita Bee Bread? - Once harvested Rosita Wild & Raw Bee Bread is immediately stored at low temperatures (-18 °C).A bee bread sample is then sent to the Export Inspection Agency in Mumbai (Ministry Of Commerce & Industry, Government Of India) where it undergoes microbiological and heavy metal testing. Only if the results are satisfactory can it be awarded a Veterinary Certificate which is essential for the bee bread to clear customs in the United Kingdom (UK customs has one of the most stringent requirements in the world). Rosita bee bread was actually the first to obtain a phytosanitary and veterinary certificate for export from the Government of India. Once the certificates are issued the bee bread is packaged for transport in a HACCP certified facility and sent to the United Kingdom where it is bottled into glass jars in a BRCGS Certified facility in Scotland. The BRC Global Food Standard is the best in the world and BRCGS Certification demonstrates that the facility complies with a BRCGS Global Standard for food safety, packaging and storage.

What is the difference between Bee Bread and pollen? - Bee bread is characterized by a higher nutritional value than fresh pollen, and is more biologically active and digestible due to the high content of easily digestible sugars, fats, minerals and free amino acids.* And, due to the fermentation process, bee bread has an exceptional shelf life compared with dried or frozen pollen in which nutritional values are rapidly lost.

How are the bees and environment protected during the bee bread harvesting? Honey hunters use sustainable and bee-friendly collecting methods to harvest the wild honeycombs. This stimulates the growth of wild beehives. The free-range wild bees in these hives constantly contribute to the environment, pollinating plants to foster biodiversity. Bees are directly responsible for pollinating one-third of the food we eat.

We’re passionate about showcasing how important the honeybee is for the environment and the myriad health benefits derived from high-quality bee derived products.

Some of the sustainable methods used to procure Rosita Bee Bread include:

  • Tribal honey hunters are trained with the government forest departments to ethically harvest bee products from wild bees.
  • Honey hunters protect and support the wild bee population using sustainable and non-intrusive methods.
  • Bee bread and honey are always collected during times when there is plenty of flora. This way the colony is not affected and continues to multiply naturally.
  • Unethical practices, including removing the whole hive from the branch or chopping down an entire tree to access the hive, are strictly prohibited, as these practices destroy the whole colony. Instead, the honey hunters are trained to cut out only the part of the honeycomb, which contains honey and bee bread, and leave the rest of the hive intact. This is also done without killing or harming the bees.
  • Our harvesters only collect excess honey from the hive. Honey is always left in the hive so there is food for the bees. The bees are quick to rebuild the hive, which helps sustain the bee population in the wild.
  • Honey hunters take special precautions to protect the forests from wildfires.
  • Wild bees pollinate the surrounding flowers and create more honey. Pollination allows plants to reproduce, contributing to the surrounding ecosystem.
  • We ensure that the honey hunters are paid well for their labor, expertise and vast knowledge of the forest lands. We honour, understand and compensate for extremely challenging work. We also adhere to Fair Trade practices.
  • Extraction of bee bread is done in the most hygienic way to ensure our customers get the very best quality raw Bee Bread.
  • Packaging is environmentally friendly by reducing the use of plastic to the bare minimum.
  • Every jar of Bee Bread purchased indirectly improves the life of a tribal honey hunter community.
  • Nutritional Information

    Nutritional Information

    Wild & Raw bee bread should be consumed daily. It is suitable for both children (over the age of 3) and adults, and the recommended dose is 1 teaspoon per day (approx. 8 nuggets) for adults and ½ teaspoon per day (approx. 4 nuggets) for children, preferably 30 minutes before breakfast or meals. Can be chewed or allowed to dissolve in the mouth. Active adults can increase the dose to one teaspoon twice per day or as required.


    100% Wild & Raw fresh bee bread from wild giant rock bees (Apis dorsata)

    Allergen: Bee pollen


    Manufactured by:
    Rosita Ratfishoil®
    Glein, N-8820 Donna Norway

    Imported by:
    GBC Trading Ltd
    20-22 Wenlock Road
    London, N1 7GU
    United Kingdom

    Try this incredible product now and treat yourself to one of nature's true healthy gifts.


    Test Parameters Test as per Party Specification Test Method Ref
    Total plate count < 1000 cfu/gm AOAC 990.12
    E.coli < 10 cfu/gm AOAC 991.11
    Coliform < 10 cfu/gm AOAC 991.14
    Staphylococcus aureus < 10 cfu/gm AOAC 2003.11
    Yeast & mould < 100 cfu/gm AOAC 2014.05
    Salmonella spp. Not Detected/25 gm ISO 6579-1:2017
    Shigella sp. Not Detected/25 gm ISO 21567:2004
    Moisture 12% - 15% FSSAI Lab Manual
    Ash 1.9% - 3.0% FSSAI Lab Manual
    Test Parameters Test as per Party Specification Test Method Ref
    Lead < 0.5 ppm PTH/CHEM/SOP/084
    Cadmium < 0.03 ppm PTH/CHEM/SOP/084
    Mercury < 0.01 ppm PTH/CHEM/SOP/084
    Arsenic < 0.5 ppm PTH/CHEM/SOP/084

    Remarks: The sample meets the requirements for above parameters as per Party Specification.

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